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That’s right… Look for us between your favorite TV shows and on your favorite TV shows- CSI NY used our cards and a clip from the show is coming soon!

In The News, Your playing cards Announces the Release of it’s NEW Playing Card customization software-

Scheduled for June 1, 2007, has announced it’s plans for the debut of and it’s latest version of Playing card Customization Software. “It’s One of a kind” says YPC president John Rowland. “Giving the user the ability to fully customize a whole deck of cards over the internet and in real time is unheard of”.

Rowland goes on to say: “We have harnessed the power of the internet and todays latest technology in web applications and printing to now offer our customers a truley unique product and the method of creating it”.  Allowing for orders as small as one deck and with each card having the possibility of a different picture or graphic, will revolutionize the personalized playing card industry.

YOURPLAYINGCARDS.COM Publishes Unique Martial Arts Card Game!

I am Jose Luis (“Jay-el”) Hinojosa, 7th Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, and Grand Champion© is my creation. Grand Champion©, the world’s first ever card game based on the martial arts! So now I was really excited!!! Trouble was, I couldn’t find a publisher to get as excited as I… so the project was shelved for about two years. And then I competed in the World Organization of Martial Arts Athletes’ World Games VI on July 2005 in Rosenheim, Germany.

There were eighteen (18) countries represented at that tournament and I was a proud member of Team America from the USA. After an inspirational performance (which I dedicated to my late Mother). I won the Grand Championship in Weapons! Well, a funny thing happens when you win a World Championship… people actually listen to you now. And so, I again contacted a plethora of card game publishers with my idea for this new and exciting card game that would revolutionize the martial arts world.

Within 24 hours, I received four (4) responses from publishers who were interested in helping me make Grand Champion© a reality!. Amongst them was a note from Dave Beaulieu, with, who eventually became my publisher. On July 5, 2006, I received my first batch of Grand Champion© decks (just as Dave and had promised)…and the thrill was unleashed to the world!

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