Fully Customized DecksCustom Printed Playing Cards - Both Sides

Personalized Playing Cards both Sides- Get Your Favorite Playing Cards Template Design

There are many options available to you if fully customized decks or games is what your seeking-

This is the place to get your playing cards template. For larger quantities and unlimited design options, Download One of Our Playing Card Templates! .We make custom size decks with varying card counts … Anything is possible!

Our Playing Card Templates are available in QuarkXpress or InDesign and you must own these programs to be able to use them- Our standard pips ( 2’s, 3’s etc, in the corners of the cards) will show but the links are missing. We will embed those when we receive your files and you’ll see them on a PDF proof too. They can be removed if you are using your own art.

For those who will be doing custom tuck boxes, there is also an Illustrator file for laying out your graphics on the boxes. To get started you can download any of the templates you wish to work with below. We are always available to assist with the art preparation- Call anytime 1-800-364-3201 for personalized playing cards both sides.

  • I want the QuarkXpress Playing Cards Template-(Versions 4-7) CLICK HERE  This is the template for the complete deck of cards.
  • I want the InDesign Playing Cards Template- CLICK HERE  This is the template for the complete deck of cards.
  • I want the template for custom tuck boxes- CLICK HERE  This is the template for doing art for your deck boxes.
Custom tuck boxes are additional unless otherwise noted

$90 Set-up Fee * 18 Deck Minimum *

When creating fully customized decks this way and your files must be prepared as described below. Pricing for these decks is the same as on the pricing page.

Standard Poker Size Is 2.5×3.5″

Playing Cards Template

You will have to send us back the completed template when you are done, with the imported graphics (via burned to cd or FTP. We will supply you with FTP information for downloading upon request. All support graphics must be 300 DPI at 100% of size and in the CMYK mode. *Additional charges may apply if these guidelines are not met*. A PDF proof will be sent to you prior to printing for your approval. Full bleed is also available, with an 18 deck minimum, at an additional charge of $30 flat rate.

The other option, for those graphic savvy folks, is to send us a completed hi-resolution PDF. This allows you to be as creative as you wish.The PDF must consist of a 55 page document (52 + 2 jokers + the graphic for the back), built to final size of 2.5×3.5″ which is standard poker size, 300 DPI and CMYK mode. You should allow a 1/4″ quiet zone around all sides when creating your art, remember the cards have round corners and these guidelines are given for best results.These files can be very large so please call us at 1-800-364-3201 for assistance if sending this way. Full bleed is also available, with an 18 deck minimum, at an additional charge of $30 flat rate. This will change the document size to 2.75×3.75″, allowing us 1/8″ all around for trim.

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