FAQFAQ On How To Make Your Own Playing Cards

      Why Make your own playing cards and Customized card games from us. Our expertise and customer support will insure the best quality product you can buy.


Why don’t you have a shopping cart for multiple orders so I can save shipping costs?

This is intentional, because every deck is different and quite often the faces of the decks are also different, we need to capture your data as a unit so we know which face will go with each back. When you place multiple orders we do our best to ship them at the same time AND WE UPGRADE YOUR SHIPPING METHOD. 2+ deck orders may also be entitled to refund on subsequent shipping costs.

How long does it take to receive my order?

We ship ALL orders in 3-4* days OR Sooner!-* 5-7 days for 100% Plastic deck orders of less than 18 decks.

Make your own playing cards from a photograph?

YES! Attached HERE is a printable form which will enable you to send us your photo (we will return with cards). We will then professionally scan and color correct your photo and design the deck for you– Or ask a friend with a scanner, 300 dpi jpg.

Do you have a return policy?

YES, only if the deck is damaged or missing cards. These are custom made for the individual buyer and have NO resale value to us, so if you break up with your boyfriend or ditch your wife, you still own the cards you ordered.

Do I need to register to try it?

No, It’s FREE to try and build your own “Custom Playing Cards” ! If you realize that “Yeah, these are cool”, and want to save your card, you will have to register. We will keep your cards on our servers for (5) days giving you the option of changing and/or ordering.

How do I upload my photo into the CUSTOM PLAYING CARDS BUILDER?

Be sure your image is a jpg or jpeg nonprogressive file. Most digital camera pictures work fine. FREE PHOTO FIX: Send to Fix My Photo we will convert any file type so that you can upload it into our builder. Just attach your photo to the above link. Upload your photo by clicking the Upload image button. You will be prompted to the custom image upload screen. Hit the browse button to locate your picture, hit upload image to bring it into the Custom Playing Cards Builder. Make sure it is an RGB jpg and wait for the valid image message.

Please be patient as your photo loads, do not click as your file is transferred and validated.

Press the continue button when prompted, Your custom image will be loaded into the Custom Playing Cards Builder and your on your way to “creating your own custom playing cards in real time!”

I have dial up, will Custom Playing Cards Builder work?

Please be patient, the Custom Playing Cards Builder is a Unique on-line experience and may take time to load. We have added a preloader to give you quicker access. High speed users have a ball!

Can I purchase multiple decks?

Yes, multiple decks from the same design, (duplicate decks) are discounted, buy more and save more! Gift certificates can be a great way to save on multiple design decks. See the pricing page.

I just saved my card, what now?

After building your custom playing cards, you will be prompted to the order page, at the end of the building process (Order Tab). Here you need to log in if you wish to save your custom card design or you can click the order button which saves your card, then you can pick a quantity. 2Checkout.com, Inc. is an authorized retailer of yourplayingcards.com.

If you have saved your card first, you will have immediately received a link from us confirming that your custom cards have been saved. If you click the link, your custom card design will automatically be rebuilt
before your eyes. This will enable you to update or change it prior to ordering.

We will retain your design for 7 days from the first time you saved it and each time you make changes your card will be updated and overwritten. In fact after your order is placed we retain the print files in archive for years so you can reorder a previously ordered deck.

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